a picture of me on a bridge at Water of Leith Walkway in Edinburgh, close to steps up to Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

My work explores the role of digital data, methods and infrastructures in the “composition of collective life” and in facilitating “collective inquiry” into social and ecological issues.

I’m currently finishing a book on public data practices. I’m also contributing to projects examining arts and humanities-based digital methods for studying environmental issues; online mobilisations of East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) communities in the UK; and critical technical practices in digital research.

On this site you can find a gathering of:

I am Director of the Centre for Digital Culture and Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Critical Infrastructure Studies at the Department of Digital Humanities, Faculty of Arts and Humanities at King’s College London. I am also co-founder of the Public Data Lab and Research Associate at the Digital Methods Initiative at the University of Amsterdam and the médialab at Sciences Po, Paris.

My mother and her family are Hakka-Chinese-Malaysian-Singaporean-American and my father was Scottish - which means my background is Hakka-Chinese-Malaysian-Singaporean-American-Scottish. I contribute to the work of several anti-racism and East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) community groups, including End Violence and Racism Against ESEA Communities, besea.n and kindredpacket.

My name is Jonathan W. Y. Gray. I use my middle initials as there are many other Jonathan Grays out there. I often use my initials jwyg as a username on the web and social media.