I am Jonathan Gray. 👋🏽

I am Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Critical Infrastructure Studies at the Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London as well as Research Associate at the Digital Methods Initiative at the University of Amsterdam and the médialab at Sciences Po, Paris. 🌱

My work explores the role of digital data, digital methods and digital infrastructures in the composition of collective life. 🧶

You can find out more about me here. ⛩

I am co-founder of the Public Data Lab, an interdisciplinary network exploring what difference the digital makes in attending to public problems.

You can read more about the Public Data Lab’s various projects and collaborations here. 🎈

Data Journalism Handbook cover

I’m currently working on a book on Data Worlds, under contract at MIT Press. 📖

I’ve recently co-edited two books on data journalism (with Liliana Bounegru) and on the politics of scholarly communications and open access (with Martin Eve).

I am series editor of the Digital Studies book series on Amsterdam University Press.

You can find further details about my research and publications here. 📚

Together with colleagues at King’s and the Public Data Lab I am exploring how researchers, students and groups outside the university can work together on collaborative digital projects which take into account the various perspectives, needs and concerns of those involved. 🐙 🦊 🦋 🐢 🐛 🐥 🐼 🐌 🐳

This is being written up and documented as part of a project on “engaged research-led teaching”.

More about my teaching activities can be found here. 🎨

My Po Po, my mother and her siblings.

My sister and I are Eurasian and grew up in the UK with our Asian American mother and Scottish father. More about our Hakka family story here. I volunteer with several anti-racism and East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) community groups, including End Violence and Racism Against ESEA Communities and besea.n.