so many jonathan grays

There are many Jonathan Grays out there. So many Jonathan Grays doing so many different things as though in the multiverse of Everything Everywhere All at Once. As anyone with a common name will know, this can feel – variously – strange, unsettling, sometimes comfortingly decentring.

There are several Jonathan Grays who are researchers, including in cultural studies, media studies, communication studies, and other humanities and social research fields. We’ve received emails, invitations and algorithmically generated “is this you?” notifications meant for other Jonathan Grays. In search engine results, bibliographic indices and library catalogues our pages, records and publication lists have been merged and entangled together.

While many of my publications and writings (2012-2022) have been published simply as Jonathan Gray, as of 2022 I’ve started using my middle initials and writing as Jonathan W. Y. Gray as a belated (and somewhat half-hearted) contribution towards disambiguiation. Apart from that I can’t but affirm the ambiguities of authorship and identification that comes with a common name - like an accidental Luther Blissett or nominal hive mind.

In the spirit of the Grace Lee project here are some of the other Jonathan Grays on the internet. If you’re another Jonathan Gray, say hi!