Picture of book chapter on the datafication of forests
Chapter on datafication of forests in Latour and Weibel's Critical Zones.

My research explores the role of digital data, digital methods and digital infrastructures in collective life. It draws on and engages with feminist science and technology studies, internet studies, critical data studies, algorithm studies, new media art and art-based methods.

Some recent writings have been about:

My research has been published in journals such as:

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Bounegru, L. & Gray, J. (eds) (2021) The Data Journalism Handbook: Towards a Critical Data Practice. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.
📦 PDF (English) / 📦 PDF (Português) / 📦 PDF (Ελληνικά)

Bounegru, L., Gray, J., Venturini, T. & Mauri, M. (2018) A Field Guide to “Fake News” and Other Information Disorders. Amsterdam: Public Data Lab. 📦 PDF (English) / 📦 PDF (日本語) / 📦 PDF (中文)

Gray, J., Bounegru, L. & Chambers, L. (eds) (2012) The Data Journalism Handbook. Sebastopol, CA: O’Reilly Media.

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van Geenen, D., van Es, K., & Gray, J. W. Y. (2023). Pluralising critical technical practice. Convergence.

Marres, N., Colombo, G., Bounegru, L., Gray, J. W. Y., Gerlitz, C., & Tripp, J. (2023). Testing and Not Testing for Coronavirus on Twitter: Surfacing Testing Situations Across Scales With Interpretative Methods. Social Media + Society, 9(3).

Colombo, G. Bounegru, L. & Gray, J. (2023) Visual Models for Social Media Image Analysis: Groupings, Engagement, Trends, and Rankings. International Journal of Communication, 17: 1956-1983. ISSN 1932-8036.

van Geenen, D., Gray, J. W. Y., Bounegru, L., Venturini, T., Meunier, A., & Jacomy, M. (2023). Staying with the trouble of networks. Frontiers in Big Data.

Gray, J., Bounegru, L., Rogers, R., Venturini, T., Ricci, D., Meunier, A., Mauri, M., Niederer, S., Sanchez-Querubin, N., Tuters, M., Kimbell, L. & Munk, A. (2022). Engaged research-led teaching: Composing collective inquiry with digital methods and data. Digital Culture & Education, 14, 3.

Braghieri, M., Blanke, T. and Gray, J. (2021) Journalism aggregators: an analysis of Journalism Research.

Gray, J., Bounegru, L. & Venturini, T. (2020) ‘Fake news’ as infrastructural uncanny. New Media & Society 22, 2: 317-341.

Gray, J. (2019). Data witnessing: attending to injustice with data in Amnesty International’s Decoders project. Information, Communication & Society. 1–21.

Gray, J., Gerlitz, C. & Bounegru, L. (2018) “Data Infrastructure Literacy”. Big Data & Society.

Gray, J. (2018) “Three Aspects of Data Worlds”. Krisis: Journal for Contemporary Philosophy. Issue 1.

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Bounegru, L., Venturini, T., Gray, J., Jacomy, M. (2016) “Narrating Networks: Exploring the Affordances of Networks as Storytelling Devices in Journalism”, Digital Journalism.

Borgesius, F., Gray, J. & van Eechoud, M. (2016) “Open Data, Privacy and Fair Information Principles: Towards a Balancing Framework”, The Berkeley Technology Law Journal. 30: 3.

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Gray, J. & Marres, N. (2023) Articulating Urban Collectives with Data. In Debra Mackinnon, Ryan Burns and Victoria Fast (eds.) Digital (In)justice in the Smart City. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

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Venturini, T., Bounegru, L., Jacomy, M., & Gray, J. (2017) “How to Tell Stories with Networks: Exploring the Narrative Affordances of Graphs with the Iliad.” In M. Schaefer and K. Van Es (eds) The Datafied Society: Studying Culture through Data. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

Gray, J., Bounegru, L., Milan, S. & Ciuccarelli, P. (2016) “Ways of Seeing Data: Towards a Critical Literacy for Data Visualisations as Research Objects and Research Devices”. In Sebastian Kubitschko and Anne Kaun (eds.), Innovative Methods in Media and Communication Research. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Gray, J. (2012) “Hamann, Nietzsche, and Wittgenstein on the Language of Philosophers”. In Lisa Marie Anderson (ed.), Hamann and the Tradition. Northwestern University Press.

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working papers

A selection of working papers, white papers, reports, posts and other things which may be classified as grey literature.

Bounegru, L., Gray, J., Colombo, G., Tsubaki, R. & Tegegne, Y. T. (2022) “Out of the Flames: Mapping Online Engagement and Public Narratives Around the 2019 Amazon Rainforest Fires“. European Forest Institute and Public Data Lab. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6586698

Gray, J., Lamy-Yang, I., Peterson, M-A., Lo, E., Menzies, P. & Yuen, S. (2021) “Face of the virus: Problematic over-representation of East and South East Asian faces in news coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Mauri, M., Briones, Á., Gray, J., Haberly, D., & Anderson, C. (2021). “Visualizing Offshore Foreign Direct Investments: The Atlas of Offshore”. Design Culture(s) Cumulus Conference Proceedings Roma 2021, 1127–1143.

Bounegru, L., Marres, N. & Gray, J. (2018) “A Digital Test of the News: Checking the Web for Public Facts”. CIM Warwick and Public Data Lab.

Lämmerhirt, D., Gray, J., Venturini, T. & Meunier, A. (2018) “Advancing sustainability together? Citizen-generated data and the Sustainable Development Goals.” Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, Open Knowledge International and Public Data Lab.

Cobham, A., Gray, J. & Murphy, R. (2017) “What Do They Pay? Towards a Public Database to Account for the Economic Activities and Tax Contributions of Multinational Corporations”. City Political Economy Research Centre (CITYPERC) Working Paper Series, 2017/01.

Gray, J. & Lammerhirt D. (2017) “Data And The City: How Can Public Data Infrastructures Change Lives In Urban Regions?” (PDF). Open Knowledge International and IDRC.

Gray, J. (2017). Digital Methods and Public Policy: Tracing Networks, Assemblages and Devices. Presented as part of panel on Digital Methods for Public Policy, International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP), Singapore.

Gray, J., Lammerhirt D., & Bounegru L. (2016) “Changing What Counts: How Can Citizen-Generated and Civil Society Data Be Used as an Advocacy Tool to Change Official Data Collection?.” Open Knowledge International and the CIVICUS DataShift.

Gray, J. (2015) “Democratising the Data Revolution: A Discussion Paper”. Open Knowledge International.

Gray, J. & Davies, T. (2015) “Fighting Phantom Firms in the UK: From Opening Up Datasets to Reshaping Data Infrastructures?”. Working paper presented at the Open Data Research Symposium at the 3rd International Open Government Data Conference in Ottawa, on May 27th 2015

Gray, J. (2015) “Open Budget Data: Mapping the Landscape”. Digital Methods Initiative (University of Amsterdam), the Global Initiative for Financial Transparency (GIFT) and Open Knowledge International.

Gray, J. (2014) “Towards a Genealogy of Open Data”. Working paper given at the General Conference of the European Consortium for Political Research in Glasgow, 3-6th September 2014.

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public writing

A selection of public writing, essays, op-eds, commentaries, interviews, etc.

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open access

I try to make sure that all of my publications are freely available online.

Copies of texts and other materials are shared at:

If you still can’t find something, let me know.

If you’re interested in reading more about the politics of open access you may be interested in this book edited with Martin Eve – including a chapter I wrote on “infrastructural experiments” such as the open access button.

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