Panel on Data Infrastructures and their Publics at “Evidence and the Politics of Policymaking” Conference, University of Bath, 14th September 2016

As part of my new role as Prize Fellow at the University of Bath, I’m organising a panel on data infrastructures and their publics at a conference on “Evidence and the Politics of Policymaking” this coming Wednesday 14th September 2016.

The panel will feature new research and reflections on this topic from:

  • Liliana Bounegru (University of Groningen + University of Ghent), who will be talking about her research on data work and data infrastructures in journalism (including examples from the Changing What Counts report and her work mapping journalism code ecologies on GitHub);
  • Tommaso Venturini (King’s College London), who will be talking about sprinting with data as means to engage different publics around data infrastructures – including the fantastic Climaps project, his work with Bruno Latour and a preview of some material from his forthcoming book on controversy mapping;
  • Sabine Niederer (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences), who will be talking about “reclaiming data” with the Citizen Data Lab – including through participatory design sessions, visualisation initiatives and digital methods for mapping cities.

If you’re based near Bath or Bristol and you’d like to hear more about state of the art research and experimentation with data journalism, citizen data, open data, data visualisation, digital methods, controversy mapping and participatory design – then we’d love to see you there! You can register for the conference here.

This is part of a broader agenda around data infrastructure literacy that I’ve been developing with several other researchers.

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