Prize Fellowship at University of Bath

This month I’ll be starting a new Prize Fellowship at the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Bath. The Prize Fellowships mark fifty years since the founding of the university in 1966.

This is a fantastic opportunity for me to develop the research agenda that I’ve been working on around the politics of data – including at the University of Amsterdam and the médialab at Sciences Po earlier this year. This includes a book project on Data Worlds; several associated papers and research projects; and a new initiative engaging researchers, civil society groups and public institutions around public data infrastructures.

I’ll continue to be involved with policy and research activities at Open Knowledge International (albeit in more of an advisory capacity), and will continue to be active around many of the topics that I have worked on over the past decade – from civil society data and democratic engagement around data infrastructures, to tax justice and the transparency of clinical trials. I’ll also remain involved as a Research Associate with both the Digital Methods Initiative and the DATACTIVE project.

If you’d like to hear more about these research plans, or if you’re potentially interested in collaborating, please do get in touch.

50th Anniversary Prize Fellowships from University of Bath on Vimeo.

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