Portuguese translation of "The Data Journalism Handbook: Towards A Critical Data Practice" launched at Coda.Br 21

An open access Portuguese translation of The Data Journalism Handbook: Towards A Critical Data Practice was launched last night at Coda.Br 21 in Brazil. 🎊

To mark the launch we had a panel with co-editor Liliana Bounegru (King’s College London), Natália Mazotte (Insper) and Cédric Lombion (Open Knowledge Foundation) in which we discussed:

  • changes in the field (including not taking data for granted, making data and investigating platforms and algorithms)
  • how to tell stories which affirm uncertainty and provisionality in relation to data (without fuelling denial or undermining trust)
  • how we relate to data (including indigenous data practices, Mona Chalabi‘s drawing with data, relational perspectives on data)
  • how data journalists may respond to misinformation and disinformation, including not just fighting misleading claims with facts, but also by exploring how different kinds of claims circulate/resonate, and why
  • how data journalists may work with and centre communities of the affected and stay with their stories, issues, troubles, frictions

The recording of the panel can be found here and in Portuguese translation here.

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