New Article: “Three Aspects of Data Worlds”, Krisis: Journal for Contemporary Philosophy

I’ve just had an article on “Three Aspects of Data Worlds” published in Krisis: Journal for Contemporary Philosophy as part of a special issue on “Data Activism”. Edited and introduced by Stefania Milan and Lonneke van der Velden, the issue includes articles from Helen Kennedy, Lina Dencik, Stefan Baack, Miren Gutiérrez, Leah Horgan and Paul Dourish. The abstract and full reference for my article are copied below. The whole issue can be read online or downloaded in PDF format here.

Three Aspects of Data Worlds

This article introduces the concept of “data worlds”. Drawing on previous literatures and theories of worlds, worlding and world-making, it outlines three closely related aspects of data worlds – as (i) horizons of intelligibility, (ii) collective accomplishments, and (iii) transnational coordination – illustrated with ongoing empirical work. It concludes by discussing how this kind of analysis might inform and enrich research, reflection and intervention around the politics of data.

Gray, J. (2018). Three Aspects of Data Worlds. Krisis: Journal for Contemporary Philosophy. Available at:

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