Talk: “Data Work: Bridging Data Journalism and Digital Sociology”, Aalborg University Copenhagen, 7th February 2017

I’ll be giving a talk with Liliana Bounegru on “Data Work: Bridging Data Journalism and Digital Sociology” at the Techno-Anthropology Lab of Aalborg University Copenhagen on 7th February 2017. If you’re around in Copenhagen and interested in data journalism, digital sociology and/or digital methods, you are welcome to join us! Full details in the abstract and poster below.

Data Work: Bridging Data Journalism and Digital Sociology

How does the data society present new opportunities for understanding collective life? What are the implications of new genres of “data work”? This talk examines two emerging fields that utilise digital data, tools and methods in order to explore new ways of knowing, learning about and performing the world: data journalism and digital sociology. After surveying their respective forms of “data work” it goes onto suggest what they might learn from each other, and how to stage productive encounters between them – focusing on recent experimentation looking at the socio-technical fabric of political life around the US elections, and how this might be leveraged in order to support collaborations between data journalists and digital researchers around upcoming European elections.

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