Selected Publications


  • Gray, J., Bounegru, L. & Chambers, L. (2012) The Data Journalism Handbook. Sebastopol, CA: O’Reilly Media.
    • Translated into Arabic, Chinese, Czech, French, Georgian, Greek, Italian, Macedonian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Ukranian.
    • “A great practical start” – BBC Academy.
    • “A unique journalistic collaboration” – The Guardian.
    • “An excellent book” – Knight Digital Media Center, University of Southern California.
    • “Inspiring and educational” – ReadWrite.
    • “Immensely valuable… read it now” – Significance magazine of The Royal Statistical Society and The American Statistical Association.
    • “An excellent introduction” – Statistics Norway.

Peer-Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters


  • Gray, J., Bounegru, L., Rogers, R. & Mauri, M. (forthcoming) “Mapping the Politics of Open Data on Digital Media”. In preparation.
  • Gray, J. & Venturini, T. (forthcoming) “Rethinking the Politics of Public Information: From Opening Up Datasets to Recomposing Data Infrastructures?”. In preparation.
  • Venturini, T., Bounegru, L., Jacomy, M. & Gray, J. (forthcoming) “How to Tell Stories with Networks: Exploring the Narrative Affordances of Network Graphs with the Iliad”. M. T. Schaefer and K. van Es (eds). The Datafied Society: Social Research in the Age of Big Data. Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam Press.
  • Bounegru, L., Venturini, T., Gray, J. & Jacomy, M. (forthcoming) “Narrating Networks”. In preparation.
  • Goldacre, B. & Gray, J. (forthcoming) “Open Trials: Towards a Collaborative Open Database for Information About Clinical Trials”. Trials. Manuscript submitted for publication.


  • Gray, J. & Davies, T. (2015) “Fighting Phantom Firms in the UK: From Opening Up Datasets to Reshaping Data Infrastructures?”. Manuscript submitted for publication. Working paper available at:
  • Lawson, S., Gray, J. & Mauri, M. (2015) “Opening the Black Box of Scholarly Communication Funding: A Public Data Infrastructure for Financial Flows in Academic Publishing?”. Manuscript submitted for publication. Working paper available at:
  • Borgesius, F., Gray, J. & van Eechoud, M. (2015) “Open Data, Privacy and Fair Information Principles: Towards a Balancing Framework”, The Berkeley Technology Law Journal. In press. Preprint available at:



Book Reviews

Press Articles and Essays

Following is a selection of some recent press pieces and a few older essays that may be of enduring interest. Further articles can be found through my author profiles on The Guardian, Open Democracy and Journalisted.

  • Jonathan Gray is Researcher at the University of Amsterdam and Director of Policy and Research at Open Knowledge. More about his work can be found here. He is on Twitter at @jwyg.