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Times Literary Supplement feature on Public Domain Review: “a labyrinth to get lost in”

The Public Domain Review, which I co-founded with Adam Green ten years ago this year, has been featured in a review by the Times Literary Supplement: “Broken knowledge: A beautiful website that serves as ‘a labyrinth to get lost in’”. Here are some excerpts from the piece: You will not find in the journal orthodox […]

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Mapping the Cultural Commons

Following is the text of a keynote talk I gave at an event organised by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication in Paris last week, also cross-posted on the Ministry’s Culture Blog. After the event, Aurélie Filippetti, the French Minister for Culture and Communication, announced a new partnership to begin to map the public […]

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The Genius and the Soil: Open Access and the Politics of Information

The following article was originally published in the April-May 2013 edition of Red Pepper (Issue 189). Who can share what on the internet? There is an increasing awareness of debates around illegal sharing through high profile court cases and controversies in the news – through things like the Pirate Bay, Wikileaks, or the recent tragic […]

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All Things Come To Those Who Wait

‘All Things Come To Those Who Wait’ is an older version of the more common proverb ‘Good Things Come To Those Who Wait’.

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Postcards for the Public Domain Review

I’ve just printed a new batch of postcards for the Public Domain Review, a free web-based review for works which have entered the public domain. I’m going to be leaving some at different spots in the Bay Area, while I’m visiting. If you have cunning ideas for where we should distribute them, or if you’d […]

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The Public Domain Review is “a temple of the esoteric and forgotten”

A wonderful review of the Public Domain Review, of which I am co-founder, courtesy of the Reviews Editor at Full Stop:

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A translation fund for public domain texts

If a text is widely known and published more than a century and a half ago, chances are that it will be freely available on the web to read and download. Every person with an internet connection has access to a vast wealth of cultural and historical material: novels and poems, essays and manifestos, constitutions […]

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Interview on PopTech

Yesterday PopTech published an interview with the Public Domain Review. Here it is.

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The Public Domain Review is launched!

Back in October, I posted a note about the Public Domain Review, an idea for a web-based review site for public domain works. Now the Public Domain Review has just gone live, to coincide with Public Domain Day 2011.

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Introducing: The Public Domain Review

One of the great things about the public domain is that very nearly everything eventually falls into it. It is only a matter of time before every work — every opera, fresco, novella, tapestry, napkin scribble and lecture note — gracefully ascends into the big commons in the sky. While the amount of time it […]

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