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New Paper: “OpenTrials: Towards a Collaborative Open Database of All Available Information on All Clinical Trials”

A few years ago, I had some discussions with the physician, academic and science writer Ben Goldacre which led to a collaboration on a new project called OpenTrials. Clinical trials are conducted in order to generate information about the safety and effectiveness of a given medical treatment. This information is used to take decisions which […]

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New Report: “Changing What Counts: How Can Citizen-Generated and Civil Society Data Be Used as an Advocacy Tool to Change Official Data Collection?”

A new report that I co-authored for Open Knowledge and the CIVICUS DataShift initiative has just been released today, following on from a discussion paper I wrote on “Democratising the Data Revolution”. It is titled “Changing What Counts: How Can Citizen-Generated and Civil Society Data Be Used as an Advocacy Tool to Change Official Data […]

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Talk: “Ways of Seeing Data: Towards a Critical Literacy for Data Visualisations as Research Objects and Devices”, University of Amsterdam, 14th January 2016

Yesterday I gave a presentation on “Ways of Seeing Data” at the Digital Methods Winter School Mini-Conference at the University of Amsterdam. The presentation was based on a forthcoming publication co-authored with Liliana Bounegru, Stefania Milan and Paolo Ciuccarelli in which we propose a heuristic framework for advancing critical literacies to read, understand, create and […]

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New Report: “Open Budget Data: Mapping the Landscape”

How might changing the way that information about public money is organised, circulated and utilised in society shape the character of democratic engagement and political accountability in decision-making about public funds? How are ideals from the open data movement gaining traction amongst advocates and practitioners of financial transparency, to what end, and with what consequences? […]

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Towards a New Politics of Public Information: From Opening Up Datasets to Reshaping Data Infrastructures?

Today I’m giving a working paper exploring a politics of public information that goes beyond a focus on the disclosure of datasets and looks towards interventions into the data infrastructures through which they are produced. The paper was co-authored with Tim Davies at the University of Southampton and will be delivered at the Open Data […]

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On Critical Theories and Digital Media

The following is a review of David M. Berry’s Critical Theory and the Digital (London: Bloomsbury, 2014) and Christian Fuchs’s Social Media: A Critical Introduction (London: Sage, 2014) which was published in Krisis: Journal for Contemporary Philosophy 2015, Issue 1: Pirates & Privateers. What might critical theory contribute to the study of digital media? And […]

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The Genius and the Soil: Open Access and the Politics of Information

The following article was originally published in the April-May 2013 edition of Red Pepper (Issue 189). Who can share what on the internet? There is an increasing awareness of debates around illegal sharing through high profile court cases and controversies in the news – through things like the Pirate Bay, Wikileaks, or the recent tragic […]

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