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New Course on “Data Activism” at King’s College London

This academic year we’ve got a new graduate course on “data activism” at King’s College London, which I’ve been teaching this semester. The course supports students to critically engage with emerging practices associated with data activism, drawing on perspectives from science and technology studies, (new) media studies and data studies. Along with other readings, it […]

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New Network on “Programming as Social Science” (PaSS)

What is the role of software programming in the social sciences? My colleague Phillip Brooker (University of Bath) and I have recently been working together to set up a new initiative to advance both critical reflection and what Philip Agre describes as “critical technical practice” around programming in the context of the social sciences. If […]

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Joining Advisory Board of LSE Impact Blog at London School of Economics and Political Science

I’ve recently been invited to join the Advisory Board for the LSE Impact Blog, at the London School of Economics and Political Science. The blog is one of the leading publications exploring how social science research is put to work in society. Further details about the new Advisory Board are available here, and you can […]

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Dutch student protests ignite movement for the democratisation of universities

An edited version of the following piece appeared in The Guardian on 17th March 2015 with the title “Dutch student protests ignite movement against management of universities”. For other pieces in the Guardian see my contributor profile.

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