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Talk on “Using Data for Science Journalism” at International School of Science Journalism, 10th May 2015

Today Liliana Bounegru and I gave a talk at the International School of Science Journalism in Erice, Italy about the uses of data in science journalism. The slides from our talk are included below. In addition to the talk we ran a workshop on how to design data projects – which resulted in project briefs […]

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Deadly Crossings: the Berlin Wall and the US-Mexico border

Inspired by a social media post from the historian Richard Drayton comparing fatalities from crossing the Berlin Wall and the US-Mexico border, I decided to have a quick look into the numbers and created this quick chart using Infogram. Starting with Wikipedia articles on deaths from crossing the Berlin Wall and the US-Mexico border, the […]

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Europe’s Energy wins a Silver Award at Malofiej 20

Europe’s Energy, a project I helped to create to put EU energy targets into context, has just won a Silver Award at Malofiej 20. The Malofiej Awards recognise innovative infographics from around the world:

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Picturing processes

There has been lots of wonderful work to represent numbers in pictorial form. Pictures can help to show us how big things are, how much of something there is, how much one thing is compared to another, how amounts change over time, and so on. We can use interactive graphics to represent quantitative data on […]

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