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The Snowden leaks are about much more than state surveillance

My review of The Guardian journalist Luke Harding’s new book The Snowden Files in OpenDemocracy argues that the Snowden leaks are about much more than state surveillance.

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The UK’s new Lobbying Bill is a farce

The UK’s new Lobbying Bill will do nothing to fight the malign influence of big money in politics, I argue in a piece for Open Democracy.

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Science, data and the public

The following is a short piece written for the Guardian Datablog about what the European Commission’s recent announcement on access to scientific data could mean for science and for public engagement with science.

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Communicating Climate Change

Today the Public Interest Research Centre (PIRC), an independent charity “integrating research on climate change, energy and economics”, released a set of Climate Factsheets to help to communicate climate science research to a broader public.

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Europe’s Energy wins a Silver Award at Malofiej 20

Europe’s Energy, a project I helped to create to put EU energy targets into context, has just won a Silver Award at Malofiej 20. The Malofiej Awards recognise innovative infographics from around the world:

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Picturing processes

There has been lots of wonderful work to represent numbers in pictorial form. Pictures can help to show us how big things are, how much of something there is, how much one thing is compared to another, how amounts change over time, and so on. We can use interactive graphics to represent quantitative data on […]

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Visualising Europe’s Energy

For the last two weeks I’ve been working hard with some people at the Open Knowledge Foundation to make a new visual tool to make it easier to understand European energy. It was launched today to coincide with a big meeting on energy at the European Council in Brussels. You can find it here.

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