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Guardian piece on why open data matters for social justice and democratic accountability

This piece was originally published in The Guardian on 20th February 2015 with the title “Five ways open data can boost democracy around the world”. For other pieces see my Guardian profile. On 21 February, thousands of transparency activists, software developers, designers, researchers, public servants, and civil society groups are gathering at more than 100 […]

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New research project exploring tensions between open data, data protection and privacy

I’m pleased to announce a new research project exploring the tensions between open data, data protection and privacy. The project is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Institute for Information Law (IVIR) and the Digital Methods Initiative (DMI) at the University of Amsterdam. It is funded by the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology. I’m involved […]

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Interview on Russia Today about social spending in UK

Following is a clip from a live TV interview I recently gave on RT (formerly “Russia Today”) about the gap between public perceptions and the numbers on benefit fraud and social spending in the UK. Interview on Russia Today about social spending in UK from Jonathan Gray on Vimeo.

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Talk on Digital Methods and Data Journalism at the Data School, University of Utrecht, 27th November 2014

Liliana Bounegru and I will be giving a talk next week at the University of Utrecht’s Data School about our work at the Tow Center of Digital Journalism at Columbia University. Further details about the talk are on the Data School’s website, and copied below. The Utrecht Data School is proud to announce a guest […]

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Paper on “Open Data and the Politics of Transparency” at European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) General Conference 2014, University of Glasgow

Last week I gave a paper on “Open Data and the Politics of Transparency” at the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) General Conference 2014 at the University of Glasgow. The original abstract for the talk was as follows: In just a few years, open data has been established as a fundamental cornerstone of official […]

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Secret government contracts stop citizens knowing if outsourcing works

The following piece is cross-posted from The Guardian. The past few months have seen a significant backlash against government outsourcing and the privatisation of public services. A series of high profile controversies around outsourcing giants such as Atos, G4S and Serco have shaken the public’s faith in politicians’ claims that privatisation gives citizens a better […]

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Secret government contracts undermine our democracies. Let’s stop them.

I’ve just written a piece for Open Democracy about a new global campaign to stop secret government contracts, coordinated by the Open Knowledge Foundation. You can read it here and sign up to the campaign here.

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The UK’s new Lobbying Bill is a farce

The UK’s new Lobbying Bill will do nothing to fight the malign influence of big money in politics, I argue in a piece for Open Democracy.

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Mapping the Cultural Commons

Following is the text of a keynote talk I gave at an event organised by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication in Paris last week, also cross-posted on the Ministry’s Culture Blog. After the event, Aurélie Filippetti, the French Minister for Culture and Communication, announced a new partnership to begin to map the public […]

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Recomposing Scholarship

Following is the text of my talk at the Open Access Futures in the Humanities and Social Sciences event in London earlier this week, cross-posted from the London School of Economics ‘Impact of Social Sciences’ blog. I’d like to start off by raising the question: what is research? Perhaps we might be tempted to talk […]

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