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Talk: “Mapping Issues with the Web: An Introduction to Digital Methods”, 23rd September 2014, Columbia University, New York

Later this month Liliana Bounegru and I will be giving a talk at Columbia University in New York about how to use digital methods for social and cultural research. The talk, hosted by the Tow Center for Digital Journalism, coincides with a week of public talks, seminars, performances and other activities with leading sociologist Bruno […]

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Paper on “Open Data and the Politics of Transparency” at European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) General Conference 2014, University of Glasgow

Last week I gave a paper on “Open Data and the Politics of Transparency” at the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) General Conference 2014 at the University of Glasgow. The original abstract for the talk was as follows: In just a few years, open data has been established as a fundamental cornerstone of official […]

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Secret government contracts stop citizens knowing if outsourcing works

The following piece is cross-posted from The Guardian. The past few months have seen a significant backlash against government outsourcing and the privatisation of public services. A series of high profile controversies around outsourcing giants such as Atos, G4S and Serco have shaken the public’s faith in politicians’ claims that privatisation gives citizens a better […]

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The Data Journalism Handbook now freely available in 12 languages

I was recently surprised with a preview copy of a new Greek translation of the Data Journalism Handbook, which I co-edited along with Liliana Bounegru and Lucy Chambers. This will be the twelfth language the book has been translated into so far. At the time of writing translations are also available and forthcoming in Arabic, […]

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Secret government contracts undermine our democracies. Let’s stop them.

I’ve just written a piece for Open Democracy about a new global campaign to stop secret government contracts, coordinated by the Open Knowledge Foundation. You can read it here and sign up to the campaign here.

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The Snowden leaks are about much more than state surveillance

My review of The Guardian journalist Luke Harding’s new book The Snowden Files in OpenDemocracy argues that the Snowden leaks are about much more than state surveillance.

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The UK’s new Lobbying Bill is a farce

The UK’s new Lobbying Bill will do nothing to fight the malign influence of big money in politics, I argue in a piece for Open Democracy.

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The Business of Transparency

Following is the full version of an article that was recently published in the Guardian, arguing that the nascent ‘open government’ movement should focus on social justice and enabling citizens to hold power to account, rather than wealth creation and the technology industry. “In all parts of the world, we see the promise of innovation […]

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Guardian piece on Europeana open data release

I just published a short piece on the Guardian Datablog about a big release of open data from Europeana, Europe’s digital library, which was announced earlier this morning.

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Science, data and the public

The following is a short piece written for the Guardian Datablog about what the European Commission’s recent announcement on access to scientific data could mean for science and for public engagement with science.

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