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Animated GIF of Wassily Kandinsky’s “Analysis of Still Life”, 1929-30

Animated GIF of Wassily Kandinsky’s “Analysis of Still Life” (1929-30), Bauhaus-Archiv, Museum für Gestaltung, Berlin.

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Sketch for “Romanticism Without Borders” workshop series

For a few months I’ve been thinking of starting a workshop series on the influence and legacy of different forms of romanticism around the world. Each workshop would have a day or half day of short papers on a variety of topics, authors and works. The workshops would be accessible to a non-specialist audience. I’ve […]

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Shrigleyian, Shrigleyesque, Shrigleyish

Brain Activity at the Hayward Gallery is one of David Shrigley’s biggest exhibitions to date. If you’ve seen Shrigley’s drawings or books before, you’ll immediately recognise the world that the exhibition exhibits, with its roughly scrawled figures and thinly underlined block capitals.

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Architectural Literature, Literary Architecture

A few years ago an architect friend and I used to fantasise about building and animating a model of a small but representative section of Borges’s “Library of Babel”. We wanted to incorporate the animation into a short film with a reading of Borges’s story, complete with lots of digitally-assisted indefinite zooming through the model. […]

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